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Your Guide to San Antonio’s Food Truck Scene

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San Antonio’s food truck scene is a rolling feast of flavors, showcasing the city’s culinary creativity and diversity. From the historic streets of downtown to the bustling hubs of the city’s many parks and breweries, food trucks offer a unique dining experience that reflects the vibrant spirit of San Antonio. Whether you’re a local foodie or a visitor looking to taste the city on the go, there’s a food truck for every palate. Let’s explore some of the top food trucks in San Antonio that are serving up must-try street eats.

Alamo Street Eats Bar

  • What to Expect: Nestled in the heart of downtown, this food truck park is a culinary playground featuring a rotating lineup of food trucks. From gourmet burgers to artisanal pizzas, the diversity of offerings ensures there’s something for everyone.
  • Must-Try Truck: “The Smokin’ BBQ Truck” offers melt-in-your-mouth brisket tacos that are a true testament to Texas BBQ.

Mr. Fish

  • What to Expect: Mr. Fish takes seafood to the streets with a menu that’s both fresh and flavorful. Specializing in ceviche, fish tacos, and shrimp po’boys, this truck brings the taste of the Gulf right to your curbside.
  • Signature Dish: The Shrimp Ceviche, zesty and refreshing, is a perfect pick-me-up on a warm San Antonio day.

Cousins Maine Lobster

  • What to Expect: As seen on Shark Tank, Cousins Maine Lobster brings a taste of New England to San Antonio with its lobster rolls, clam chowder, and lobster tacos.
  • Signature Dish: The Maine Lobster Roll, served chilled with a touch of mayo on a New England roll, is simplicity and luxury in every bite.

Ay Papi’s

  • What to Expect: Offering a fusion of Puerto Rican and Texan flavors, Ay Papi’s delights with dishes like mofongo, empanadas, and plantain nachos.
  • Signature Dish: The Plantain Nachos, a creative twist on a classic, featuring crispy plantains topped with savory meats and cheese.

Rickshaw Stop

  • What to Expect: Rickshaw Stop specializes in authentic Pakistani street food, serving up flavorful kebabs, samosas, and their famous beef bihari rolls.
  • Signature Dish: The Beef Bihari Roll, marinated in a blend of spices and grilled to perfection, offers a taste of South Asia that’s hard to forget.

La Maceta Tapatios

  • What to Expect: This food truck is a haven for Mexican street food lovers, offering a wide range of dishes from tacos and quesadillas to lesser-known delights like tortas ahogadas and aguas frescas.
  • Signature Dish: The Tortas Ahogadas, “drowned sandwiches” filled with pork and drenched in a spicy tomato sauce, are a must-try for those seeking authentic Mexican flavors.

Grouchy Mama’s

  • What to Expect: Grouchy Mama’s offers comfort food with a twist, serving up burgers, sandwiches, and fries with unique flavor combinations and sauces.
  • Signature Dish: The Grouchy Mama Burger, topped with bacon, cheese, and a fried egg, is a decadent treat that’s guaranteed to satisfy.

Bull Gogi Boys

  • What to Expect: Bull Gogi Boys merges the rich, savory flavors of Korean cuisine with the convenience and accessibility of street food. Specializing in Korean fusion, this food truck has become a local favorite for its bulgogi tacos—a delicious twist on traditional Korean BBQ.
  • Signature Dish: The Bulgogi Tacos, featuring tender marinated beef, crisp vegetables, and a spicy Korean sauce, wrapped in a soft taco shell, offer a perfect blend of Korean flavors with a Texan twist. Keep up with their latest culinary creations by following them on Instagram.

Carnitas Don Raul

  • What to Expect: Carnitas Don Raul brings the authentic taste of Michoacán to San Antonio with its traditional Mexican fare. Focused on crafting the perfect carnitas, this food truck has built a loyal following among locals and visitors alike, thanks to its dedication to quality and authenticity.
  • Signature Dish: The Carnitas, slow-cooked to perfection and served with fresh tortillas, cilantro, onions, and lime, are a must-try for anyone seeking the true flavors of Mexico. Stay updated on their locations and menu items through their social media pages on Facebook.


  • What to Expect: Goobster takes the concept of sliders to a whole new level, offering gourmet mini burgers that pack a punch of flavor. Known for their inventive toppings and quality ingredients, Goobster’s sliders are a hit among those looking for a quick, satisfying bite that doesn’t skimp on taste.
  • Signature Dish: The Goobster Slider, a juicy patty topped with their signature Goobster sauce, cheese, and crispy onions, is a crowd-pleaser that showcases the truck’s commitment to elevating the humble slider into something extraordinary.

Area 51

  • What to Expect: Area 51 is more than just a single food truck; it’s a family-friendly food truck park that offers a diverse range of culinary options. From American classics to international delights, Area 51 has quickly become a go-to destination for foodies looking to sample a variety of dishes in one convenient location.
  • Signature Experience: With its ever-changing lineup of food trucks, Area 51 ensures there’s always something new to try. Whether you’re in the mood for tacos, burgers, sushi, or vegan eats, this culinary hub has something to satisfy every craving. It’s the perfect spot for groups with diverse tastes or families looking for a fun dining experience.

Embark on Your Street Food Adventure
San Antonio’s food trucks offer a culinary adventure as diverse and vibrant as the city itself. From authentic international cuisine to innovative fusion dishes, the city’s street food scene is a testament to its rich cultural tapestry and culinary creativity. So next time you’re in the mood for some delicious, convenient, and uniquely San Antonio eats, remember that some of the best meals in the city come on four wheels. Follow the aroma and the crowds to discover your new favorite food truck in San Antonio!

Don’t forget to check social media or food truck locator apps for the latest locations and updates on these mobile eateries. Happy eating, and may your journey through San Antonio’s food truck scene be as flavorful and exciting as the city itself!

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